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Download “Madonna Guyon’s Remixes” pack

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Mais um pac de remixes “Madonna Guyom’s Remixes” exclusivos para download com os singles de “Like A Prayer”, “Hollywood”, “Music”, “Nothing Fails” e “Ray Of Light”.

01 Erotic (Guyom’s Lover Mix)
02 Like A Prayer (Guyom’s High On Emotion Mix)
03 Hollywood (Guyom’s To The Groove Mix)
04 Music (Guyom’s Boogie Bucket Mix)
05 Ray Of Light (Guyom’s Lady M. Show Studio Mix)
06 Nothing Fails (Guyom’s Long Mix)

Duração: 41:23

Link para download.

DVDs Madonna Videos Remixes Vol. 1 a 4

madonna-remixes-oficiais-dvdColeção de 4 sensacionais DVDs com remixes de vídeos de Madonna. Todos os videos em qualidade de DVD, simplesmente perfeito. Imperdível!


1. Rain (Radio Remix)
2. Deeper And Deeper (Shep’s Classic 12″ Edit)
3. Fever (Murk Boys Miami Mix Edit)
4. Frozen (Stereo Mc’s Mix)
5. Ray Of Light (Calderone Club Mix)
6. Nothing Really Matters (Dan-O-Rama Video Mix)
7. American Pie (Dan-O-Rama Video Mix)
8. Die Another Day (Brother Brown’s Mix)
9. Music (HQ2 Remix)
10. Don´t Tell Me (Thunderpuss Edit)
11. Hollywood (Aviddiva Remix)
12. Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal Edit)
13. GHV2 (Thunderpuss Megamix)
14. X-Static Process (Video Montage)
15. Easy Ride (Video Montage)


1. Bedtime Story (Junior’s Single Remix)
2. Frozen (Calderone Video Remix)
3. Ray Of light (Sasha Ultraviolet Mix)
4. Like A Prayer (12″ Dance Mix Edit)
5. Secret (Dan-O-Rama Video Mix)
6. Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Radio Mix)
7. American Pie (Humpty Vission Remix)
8. Die Another Day (Demo Remix)
9. Music (Video Montage)
10. Don´t Tell Me (Vission Radio Mix)
11. Hollywood (Paul Oakenfold Video Mix)
12. Get Together (Kinkyfunk Mix Edit)
13. GHV2 (Tracy Young Mix)
14. Nobody knows Me (Aviddiva Remix)
15. Hung Up (Tracy Young Edit)
16. Die Another Day (Deepsky Edit)
17. Liquid Love (Video Montage)


1. Music (HQ2 Radio Mix)
2. Frozen (Extended Club Mix)
3. GHV2 (Jhonny Rocks B Mac Quayle Mix)
4. Music (Love In Infinity Paradise 12″ Mix)
5. Jump (Scurtty k. Remix)
6. Hung Up (DmW Remix)
7. Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Club Mix)
8. Hollywood (Micronauts Remix)
9. Jump (Jaques Lu Cont Remix)
10. 4 Minutes (mi3 vs peter Rauhofer Saves Paris Video Mix)
11. Celebration (Fan Version)
12. La Isla Bonita (Peter Slaghuis Tribute VJ Magrao Video Edit
13. Vogue (Dunylito Video Remix)
14. Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix Edit)
15. Celebration (Dakenfold Edit Mix)
16. Erotica (Thunderpuss Mix Re Edit By Julio Skov)
17. More (JB Video Edit)
18. 27 Years in 4 Minutes (Video Montage)


1. Revolver (Remix)
2. It´s So Cool (Mix Cesar P.H)
3. Open Your Heart (DJ Ornique Remix)
4. Jump (Hyperballads Bigger Jumpp Mix)
5. Justify My Love (Orbit 12″ Mix)
6. La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix)
7. Vogue (12″ Remix)
8. Celebration (Reloaded Remix)
9. Die Another Day (DJ Tarkan Skin 69 Brum Mix)
10. Hung Up (Remix DJ Goofy Edit DVJ Lelo)
11. Broken (Remix)
13. Inside Of Me (Remix)
14. Buenos Aires (Doo Mee Do Mix By Maverick)
15. Revolver (David Guetta On Love Remix)
16. Sooner Or Later (Julio Skov Edit Mix)
17. Megamix 2010 (Mix & Bootlegs)
17. Broken (Extended Video Montage Edit)
17. 20 Years Of Vogue