DVD Mariah Carey Live TV Performances (dual layer – duplo)

Aderido o DVD dual Layer, duplo, MARIAH CAREY COLLECTION, trazendo variadas performances de Mariah de 98 a 09.  Veja o track-listing do DVD:

Mtv presents mariah carey (Bring on the heartbreak, through the rain, yours)
We belong together – fly like a bird (grammy 08)
Make it happen (live8)
Hey jude (live8)
Hero (live8)
Backstage live8
I only wanted (fantástico 03)
Obsessed (lopez tonight day 09)
It´s a wrap (lopes tonight day 09)
Last night a dj saved my life
Touch my body (oi fashion rocks 09)
Obsessed (oi fashion rocks 09)
Fantasy (oi fashion rocks 09)
Butterfly (snl 97)
Boy (i need you) (snl)
Fly like a bird (idol gives back special)
Bye bye (oprah show 08)
Can´t take that away (oprah show 99)
Do you know where you’re going to (totp 99)
I only wanted (the view 02)
I´m that chick (live fashion rocks)
We belong together (jay leno 05)
My saving grace & hero (nba all star game)
My saving grace (soul train awards)
Reflections (a home for the holidays)
Never too far (a home for the holidays)
Never too far-hero (it´s ur new year´s party england 01)
Petals & rainbow (rosie o´donnel 99)
Through the rain (ama 03)
Through the rain (tros tv show 02)
Stay the night (the staatsloterij 05)

Dvd 2

Shining through the rain – heartbreaker
Shining through the rain – the one
Shining through the rain – through the rain
Shining through the rain – yours
Vision of love (bet blueprint 05)
We belong together (bet blueprint 05)
We belong together (live 8)
Never too far-hero (medley aids gala)
Never too far-hero (united we stand 01)
Never too far-hero (viva interaktiv in usa 01)
Without you (viva interaktiv in usa 01)
Just stand up (su2c ny 08)
You and i (bet walk of fame honoring stevie wonder 02)
We belong together (relativity of mariah 08)
We belong together (the swarovsky fashion rocks)
We belong together (bambi awards)
What more can i give (united we stand 01)
Against all odds & thank god i found you (the dome 00)
Close my eyes (rosie o donnel 98)
Hero & america the beautiful (a tribute to a heroes 2001)
Joy to the world (live disney parade 04)
All i want for christmas is you (disney parade 04)
Lifetime award – i stay in love (ama 08)
Favorite r&b artist 10 (36th people’s chocie awards)
Medley (get your number – shake it off) (tickled pink concert 05)
Migrate – touch my body (bet mc special 08)
Get your number (totp 05)
The star spangled banner (live superbowl 02)
We belong together (mtv movie aawards)
We belong together (david letterman 05)
Don´t forget about us (today with des and mel 05)
I´ll be there (vh1 save the music 05)